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Technological Capabilities

Synthesis Laboratory
  • Ceramic Method (RT-1800ºC), sol-gel, spray pyrolysis, hydrothermal.
  • Elemental chemical analysis (C, N, S, O), atomic absorption, XRF, EDS.
  • Particle size, specific surface, density, etc.
  • dry boxes.
  • Attrition mills.
Powder Extrusion / Injection Molding Laboratory
  • Injection machine (30Tm), extruder, rheometers (capillary,…).
  • Sintering and debinding furnaces 100-1800ºC (different atmosphere (including pure H2)).
  • Tape casting.
Additive manufacturing laboratory (3D printing)
  • Preparation of filaments for the manufacture of fused filaments (FFF).
  • 3D printing.
Characterization and Microstructures Laboratory
  • XRD (RT-1500ºC), SEM, FEG-SEM, TEM, MO.
Thermal characterization laboratory
  • DSC (RT-600 ºC), TGA (RT 1500ºC), DTA (RT-1500ºC) DMTA.
Mechanical characterization laboratory

Hardness, Microhardness, Tensile Strength.

Electrical characterization laboratory
  • Impedance analyzers with electrochemical interface (10 μHz a 32 MHz) (RT-1000ºC), (30-95% HR).
Electrochemical characterization laboratory
  • Assembly of coin-cell and swagelok cells.
  • Cycling tests at room temperature and high temperature (up to 120ºC).
  • Battery Potentiostats
  • Potentiostats for flow batteries.
  • dry boxes.